this was the past

it can always be deleted


27.Feb.2001 - sammy, jen, and joe.
27.Feb.2001 - I kind of prevail a lot
27.Feb.2001 - dripping literate
27.Feb.2001 - good morning
27.Feb.2001 - the death of JJ Reneaux
26.Feb.2001 - Best of Bay Review 2000
26.Feb.2001 - vier
26.Feb.2001 - another brick in my ass
25.Feb.2001 - Dave Gahan is an idiot
24.Feb.2001 - chords
24.Feb.2001 - more update-age
24.Feb.2001 - Rinoa Soybean Rhapsody
23.Feb.2001 - up whose date?
17.Feb.2001 - knees
17.Feb.2001 - art
17.Feb.2001 - tonight
16.Jan.2001 - 12 again
08.Jan.2001 - aggro pink


and replaced with something better

2001: I was never proud of all of this blatantly misguided past

2002: I fell in love with all of you despite distance

2003: when inebriated heart-ache crashes into surrealism and maternal tragedy

2004: I drank too much

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