this was the past

it can always be deleted


31.Jan.2002 - quiet
29.Jan.2002 - cul-de-sac
26.Jan.2002 - we do
26.Jan.2002 - I am going to bed
24.Jan.2002 - it's not over
23.Jan.2002 - driven like the snow
16.Jan.2002 - Thank Yous
16.Jan.2002 - my browser sux
14.Jan.2002 - when the day is through
11.Jan.2002 - I need a vacation
09.Jan.2002` - Arwen
08.Jan.2002 - still tired
03.Jan.2002 - the rest is just noise


and replaced with something better

2001: I was never proud of all of this blatantly misguided past

2002: I fell in love with all of you despite distance

2003: when inebriated heart-ache crashes into surrealism and maternal tragedy

2004: I drank too much

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