this was the past

it can always be deleted


30.Oct.2001 - is it any wonder I found peace
29.Oct.2001 - I love my weekends
27.Oct.2001 - sleep
25.Oct.2001 - and on and on and on
23.Oct.2001 - and 12 hours later
22.Oct.2001 - when you've got to feel it in your bones
20.Oct.2001 - I'm gonna stop myself
16.Oct.2001 - Download Velvet Acid Christ's "Slut"
14.Oct.2001 - happy birthday you freak
11.Oct.2001 - I love Velvet Acid Christ
10.0ct.2001 - fuck-music
09.Oct.2001 - phantasm
07.Oct.2001 - exhaustion
04.Oct.2001 - and one
04.Oct.2001 - mantra and exhaustion
02.Oct.2001 - she's going dream
01.Oct.2001 - The First October


and replaced with something better

2001: I was never proud of all of this blatantly misguided past

2002: I fell in love with all of you despite distance

2003: when inebriated heart-ache crashes into surrealism and maternal tragedy

2004: I drank too much

in ;; a ;; world ;; of ;; wire