this was the past

it can always be deleted


28.Sep.2002 - more later
26.Sep.2002 - more to life than this
20.Sep.2002 - keep living
19.Sep.2002 - two burning eyes that don't agree
17.Sep.2002 - and sleep
13.Sep.2002 - memories
10.Sep.2002 - audio update
09.Sep.2002 - still her eyes are staring at me
06.Sep.2002 - nothing but sleep
05.Sep.2002 - insane
04.Sep.2002 - i'm wide awake again
03.Sep.2002 - quiet
01.Sep.2002 - it's just the sound of you and me


and replaced with something better

2001: I was never proud of all of this blatantly misguided past

2002: I fell in love with all of you despite distance

2003: when inebriated heart-ache crashes into surrealism and maternal tragedy

2004: I drank too much

in ;; a ;; world ;; of ;; wire